Maryland Community for Life

What is Community for Life?

Created in partnership with the Maryland Department of Aging (MDoA), the Maryland Community for Life is a creative and unique program that provides a personalized package of services for home owners. Developed for older adults living independently in their own homes, the Maryland Community for Life program delivers key services designed to navigate predictable home maintenance, transportation and community access needs in a cost effective and supportive manner.

Seniors having dinner

How does the Community for Life Program Work?

For a membership fee, participants aged 65 years and older will receive a personalized package of services that meets their unique needs. Services include assistance with home maintenance and repairs, transportation, housekeeping, access to social and recreational events, plus a variety of other valuable services. A sliding-scale fee option is available to those who qualify.

To protect against fraud or exploitation, Broadmead Community Services maintains a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff, trained to ensure that all vendors providing services to Community for Life Program members are trustworthy and reliable.

What Services Are Included?